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Welcome to TGO website.  You can contact us using below ways. Thanks for your time which use to vist us

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Phone: +968-24489963
Address: No19 Al-Salaam Bdg, Near Al-Zawawi Mosque, Sultanate of Oman

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Oil and Gas Services

In the Middle East as well as in any major economy, Oil & gas, Power and Water are among the core sectors. In the Sultanate, each one of these takes on an added significance, as the region is one of the world’s richest sources of natural energy, and one that faces scarcity for one of the most precious commodities, water.

TGO ventures into these challenging areas by introducing superior standards of industry expertise are marked by the commitment towards achieving and maintaining the highest levels of professional excellence and business growth.

TGO is in a unique position, strengthened by a variety of internal and external attributes. Internally, the Company enjoys effective management and rich resources of professional skills, both managerial as well as technical.

Externally, TGO reputation is consolidated and constantly built up by a vast and valuable network of national and international experts.


Contact us for more informations Mob:+968 98003478

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