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Phone: +968-24489963
Address: No19 Al-Salaam Bdg, Near Al-Zawawi Mosque, Sultanate of Oman

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Completed Projects

142/2012 MAJAN ELECTRICITY CO.SAOC Survey Services for Al Dhahirah Governorate .ibri. 02/2013 02/2015 2 YEAR COMPLETED
54/2012 MAJAN ELECTRICITY CO.SAOC Survey Services for Wilayat Liwa and Shinas. 07/2012 07/2015 3 YEAR COMPLETED
55/2012 MAJAN ELECTRICITY CO.SAOC Survey Services for Saham & Khabura at North Batnah. 07/2013 07/2015 2 YEAR COMPLETED
40483 MINISTERY OF FISHERIES WEALTH Land Survey works for fish landing sites along the costal line of Sultanate of Oman 06/2010 02/2011 8 MONTH COMPLETED
PRE08/173 MUSCAT MUNCIPALITY Conventional Land Survey of Drains and Wadies for Muscat Area Drainage Area 09/2008 05/2009 8 MONTH COMPLETED
64/2010 MAJAN ELECTRICITY CO.SAOC Design and implimenations of GIS Update.process 11/2010 11/2011 1 YEAR COMPLETED
22/2009 MAJAN ELECTRICITY CO.SAOC Survey works for 11kv/415 v at Shinas& liwa in North Batinah Region 06/2009 06/2012 3 YEAR COMPLETED
163/2011 MAJAN ELECTRICITY CO.SAOC GIS data base administration and updating services for 12 months 12/2012 02/2013 1 YEAR COMPLETED
39569 MINISTERY OF FISHERIES WEALTH Bathymetric and Topographic Survey Fishery Harbour at Dhofar Region.Taqa. 06/2008 04/2010 2 YEAR COMPLETED
201/2005 Ministery of Housing Electricity& Water Consultancy Services for Cadastral GEO Data base structure and Web based Application Development. 05/2006 05/2007 1 YEAR COMPLETED
50/2013 MAJAN ELECTRICITY CO.SAOC Survey Services for Extensions & Reinforcements works at Al Buraimi Governorate. 06/2013 05/2015 2 YEAR COMPLETED
63/2010 MAJAN ELECTRICITY CO.SAOC Geographical Survey & data collection of MJEC Distribution net works and pole numbering in Khabura . 10/2010 07/2011 9 MONTH COMPLETED
72/2010 MAJAN ELECTRICITY CO.SAOC Electrical Distribution works Survey services at Dhariah Region.” 01/2011 12/2012 2 YEAR COMPLETED
48/2007 MAJAN ELECTRICITY CO.SAOC Survey Services at Sohar and Saham 1 YEAR COMPLETED
16/2006 MAJAN ELECTRICITY CO.SAOC 33kv electrical network survey & data collection of North Batinah. 09/2006 04/2007 1 YEAR COMPLETED
39326 MINISTERY OF NATIONAL ECONOMY Geospatial data base creation from satilite imagery for census project 2010 07/2008 01/2010 2 YEAR COMPLETED
PRE-07/250 MUSCAT MUNCIPALITY Site Survey for Improvement and Beautification of Mutrah Souq 07/2007 10/2007 3 MONTH COMPLETED

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